Using native "dig" command in Windows

If you'd like to have a native version of "dig" on your Windows machine, ISC has made it quite simple.

1. Grab the "Current-Stable" Windows release from here.

2. Install it, with the toolbox "Tools Only" checked. Everything else unchecked. Make sure the target directory is somewhere you actually want it to go - and somewhere you remember, you'll need to append it to your path settings.

BIND Windows Installer

3. Now open your "System Properties" -> "Environment Variables" and click on the "path" variable. You're going to append where you installed the tools, inside the bin directory. Since I put mine in C:\dig I'm going to be appending "C:\dig\bin\".
Note: make sure you're separating other elements in your path with the proper value, a ";" in this case.

Installing Dig in Windows

4. Open a command prompt, and you will now be able to utilize all the tools included in the BIND distribution, including dig. (Other utilities include "host", and "nslookup".)